• Industry Event parties: Do you enjoy watching several tonnes of liquid hydrogen blast millions of dollars worth of equipment and/or people off this rock? We certainly do. We’ll help students follow and watch the latest launches (or landings) year round.
  • Space movie night: Hollywood introduced millions to the space exploration. The genre is back in fashion and we’re excited to screen as many space movies throughout the year as we can.
  • Hobbyist Rocketry: Ireland has a small hobbyist rocketry scene and we plan on making it a whole lot bigger. Of course we’ll plan our launch sites carefully so we don’t punch a hole in the provost’s roof. We’ll run semester long rocket projects for teams of TSS members. If you’ve watched October Sky you’ll have an idea of whats to come.
  • Newsletter: At the TSS we follow the latest from NASA, ESA, JPL, SpaceX, Blue Origin and several others.  There’s a lot news to keep up with so the TSS will be sending out a short weekly newsletter summarizing the top stories of the week.
  • Tours/Trips: The space industry in Ireland is larger that you might expect and there are several facilities and companies doing fascinating work. We also have our sights set on the ESA. We are working on plans for a pilgrimage to an ESA facility such as ESOC.
  • Networking: Last, but certainly not least, the TSS wants to use its network to help students make connections and develop skills to assist them in pursuing a career in the space industry. Whether we are hosting industry expert talks, student led forums or participating in space industry competitions our ultimate goal is to serve our member’s future in space.

No matter what we’re doing we want to make sure that it is the best for students and members. Please feel free contact us using our website’s contact form at any time.